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Change Your Self Talk, Change Your Attitude!

by Diana Proemm, CTRS

We have many voices bouncing around our head. I know I do, anyway. It is which one you choose to listen to that will ultimately effect your day.

Don’t Apologize

We are who we are and there is no stopping that. We are forces of nature when we want to be. And… then we apologize for being – what? Ourselves? That doesn’t make sense. Own your desires, and your ways. Replace ‘thank you’ for ‘sorry.’ Saying thank you goes a long way.  Instead of saying “Sorry, I’m late” try “Thank you for waiting for me.” Change your stance to gratitude versus negative talk, such as sorry changes others people’s responses as well. Check out this article.

Sing a Song

I rode last weekend with one of my girlfriends who literally was nervous before she got onto her bike for our ride. I asked her what she was afraid of, and she said not being able to keep up, not being able to climb the hills, falling, etc. She shot herself down before she even jumped on her saddle! I mentioned to her that an amazing woman paddler told me to sing a song when I was scared and it would help get rid of the negative self talk and fear such as “I cannot get up that hill.” Turn your fear and/or self-doubt into a song of choice. Ours that particular day was “Be Aggressive, bee-ee aggressive!” You will be amazed at how powerful and strong you become when you let go of the negative self-talk.

My girlfriend rocked her ride that day. Every time she got scared or tired, she sang our song, and sometimes if we were in close range sang it together. Sisterhood is the strongest bond out there. So get out there and BE AGGRESSIVE!

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Here’s hoping you had a fabulous and safe 4th of July holiday weekend!

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Peace be with you this week. Diana

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