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How To Deal With Uncertainty

by Diana Proemm, CTRS

My dear friend Jessie May recently wrote this: “Hear me out for a moment…You and I are strong women, women who face challenges just because we’re women. Women who have had children, women who have faced criticism because we have chosen to not have children. Women who have been affected by disaster, tragedy, discrimination, the current administration. We are women who laugh, cry, care. Women who have chosen to live out loud, and live comfortably in the lives we have carved.”

Over the last few weeks, I have noticed that topics of discussion have been about being overwhelmed, or dealing with the unknown. When we dive into life or an event sometimes looking at the big picture can be overwhelming. This can cause unnecessary stress and anxiety.

This spring when my car was having issue after issue, I knew that a newer car was needed. The thought of buying a car was overwhelming for me, so I didn’t deal with the issue at hand. My thoughts went something like this: What car should get? What year/make/model would be best for my needs? What color do I want? How much gas mileage do I want? Do I want a mountain car, or city car? And so the questions formed until I felt hopeless at making a decision because I didn’t know what the ideal car looked like.

It seemed to me all these things shouldn’t be a big deal, but they added up. It stressed me out so much, that I avoided thinking about it all together. Finally, to help make a decision and alleviate these stressors, I made of list of what I wanted in the car that I would buy. Finally, I decided to test some Subaru’s and fortunately with little effort as I had told the salesman my wish list, I found something pretty quick. All that stress was for nothing in the end.

Here are 3 ways to aid in dealing with uncertainty.

  1. Reaction To A Situation

I found myself caught in traffic the other day and managed to move 6 miles in two hours. I cannot lie and say there were not cuss words and other nonsense coming out of my mouth, as this traffic was wrecking my schedule. I tried to play music loudly, call friends, etc. Not much was helping and I was irritated. Knowing that you have zero control over a situation can be taxing and sometimes stressful, but your reaction to it will be your guide or downfall. The right thing to do in my traffic situation would to have been to put on an educational pod cast and learn something. Since we are given second chances, I will now take that opportunity should it happen again.

  1. Break It Down

When we look at something like an event, adventure or race that is coming up in our lives, the bigger picture can put undo stress on us. The uncertainty can paralyze us to staying calm. Build yourself an excel spreadsheet or list that is manageable and start to break down the detail of the big picture that is overwhelming you. Having incremental steps towards your goal helps make it achievable.

  1. Focus On One Thing At a Time

Now we take those items from our lists, and focus on fulfilling them one step at a time. Take your time and prioritize. Focus on the things that will bring you one step closer to your goal or dream.

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Peace be with you this week. Diana

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