3 Reasons To Join An Adventure Travel Trip With Other Women

By Diana Proemm

There are many reasons people sign up for an adventure travel trip, such as for the adventure itself or to try something new. Bigger Picture RT offers a safe space for women who want to challenge themselves and shift their lives from the inside out with loving support.

Reason #1 – You Are Ready To Let Go Of Fear

What would you do if you weren’t afraid? I have heard this often and wonder what you would do if you could do anything without fear? We let fear creep in too often in our lives and let it say ‘you can’t really do this, it costs to much, or I won’t be able to do that.’ Rightly this is BS as everyone has the power to do anything they put their mind to and BPRT gently guides you along the way.

Reason #2 – Join For the Health Of It

Research is finding that more and more people have positive health benefits from spending time in nature screen-shot-2016-09-18-at-7-18-40-pmand the great outdoors. BPRT adventure travel trips for women focus on challenging your mind, body and spirit in a safe manner to promote confidence within yourself. When you realize you can do an activity you originally thought you couldn’t, you’re confidence gets boosted.

Reason #3 – Adventure Travel Elevates Your Tolerance For Uncertainty

Adventure travel is called so for a reason. You place yourself into situations where things don’t go as planned and you have to make a quick decisions and cope. You can turn these situations into devastation or go with the flow and make it a true ‘adventure.’ The lessons you learn on a BPRT trip will teach you how to role with the punches and challenges in the moment.

Now, the only thing stopping you is you. I tell myself this when I get down and things aren’t working out the way I planned. I have learned to roll with the punches and move forward as if every situation is an adventure. The positive attitude will follow.

Bigger Picture_Logo_Final_Final Logo_GrayThe Bigger Picture experience is your trail to transformational healing. These adventure therapy trips for women will empower you to dive into the most rad terrain you’ll ever come across. You will sign up for a journey with other ladies to join a sisterhood of greatness. There will be no formal therapy sessions, and the trips are designed to invoke holistic therapeutic processes that may challenge your emotions; but the best part is the group and professional support you’ll receive the whole time. Emotional safety is our number one and learning how to cope amongst others going through similar issues is a good way to move forward. You will leave with a sense of accomplishment.

Bigger Picture creates positive change in the lives of women struggling with anxiety and PTSD through weekend retreats and outdoor adventure. Check out our adventure trips for women here.


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