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3 Reasons to Join a Transformational Women’s Adventure

By Diana Proemm, CTRS

What is a transformational adventure anyways? It is a journey especially designed for a woman invoking the mind, body, and spirit. The experience begins when you sign up for one of our adventures to a fabulous healing destination. Here are three reasons to sign up now.

1. Sisterhood

When you arrive and meet your fellow sisters who will most likely become your new best friend. Alongside your new found friends, you will embark on a trip of a lifetime sharing unique moments and stories filled

_mg_0377with laughter and sometimes tears. We bring back the meaning of ‘sister’ with the love and support of the group.

2. Feeling of Empowerment

Activities on BPRT adventures are specifically designed to aid in boosting your confidence in sport and/or your life. When you realize you can successfully participate in the activity of the day, you move on to realize that you can do more than you thought. This feeling of empowerment follows you home and allows you to tackle your life head on when you leave our experience.

3. Gain Confidence

With the help of professional staff from BPRT, we focus on your strengths to bring out your very best side. We have an uncanny knack to get you out of your own head and into the present to accomplish everything put in front of you. We kill negative thoughts and before you know it, you have transformed.

With these new found tools in your toolbelt after our outdoor travel adventure experience, you be ready to move forward with life. Your mind, body and spirit will be refreshed to your core. Sign up now for your transformational adventure of a lifetime.


“Women who understand how powerful they are do not give into envy over meaningless things, instead they fight to maintain the beautiful bond of the sisterhood. These are the real women who know that we need each other’s love and support to survive in this world. Love is the essence of being a woman. We must be that light of love that seals the bond and unique beauty of our sisterhood.” -Bindu


The Bigger Picture trips want to empower women bring you to the most rad terrain you’ll ever come across. The best thing is you don’t have to be an “extreme” enthusiast as they is catered to the novice/beginner to introduce you to a stellar world. The perceived risk is high, but actual risk is low and that is the beauty of this experience. We have chosen these activities to challenge you to try something new so that you can walk away from them with that step of confidence that you take into your daily life.

The Bigger Picture experience is your trail to transformational healing. You will sign up for adventure with other ladies to join a sisterhood of greatness. There will be no formal therapy sessions, and the trips are designed to invoke holistic therapeutic processes that may challenge your emotions; but the best part is the group and professional support you’ll receive the whole time. Emotional safety is our number one and learning how to cope amongst others going through similar issues is a good way to move forward. You will leave with a sense of accomplishment.

Bigger Picture creates positive change in the lives of women struggling with anxiety and PTSD through weekend retreats and outdoor adventure. Check out our adventure trips for women here.

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