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Trail to Transformation: Turn Your Life Into An Adventure

by Diana Proemm, CTRS

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the trail to transformation with me. In the last 7 weeks you have: Focused on yourself, defined your values, moved towards what you desire, have been creative and curious, focused on progression, let love guide you and put your personal health first. HOW DO YOU FEAL?? Please comment below on what this process has done for you.

This week we bring it all together and focus on the bigger picture of turning your life into a righteous adventure. You have left behind the ball and chains, found FREEDOM and learned to give ourselves a much-needed break. You zoomed in on your lens of life and found clarity of what makes you happy. Staying on the path, you have arrived at the top of the mountain.

This journey made you a leader in your life instead of a participant. You delved out of your comfort zone to gin a higher perspective on your life. Departing the path of destruction, you joined the path to true north. Fear is not an obstacle blocking your trail any longer.

Bring your hands together as you made it to the top. Remember the lessons from the last seven weeks and continue to:

  1. Practice Appreciation and Gratitude Daily

Be grateful everyday for the opportunities and challenges that come your way. Journaling your gratitude in a journal or gratitude jar is a good way to start. Thank people in person and give random compliments to people in passing. You’ll be impressed with how good it makes you feel. Start now.

  1. Live, Love, Laugh

Live: Life is short live with gusto. Love: with abandon and without fear. Laugh: invoke your inner kid and be silly, dance naked under the full moon with your favorite sisters.

  1. Turn Negative Events Into Adventures

I heard this story on a podcast once about a mom who was poor and her kids wanted to go to the movies. She did not have money to take them, so put her kids in the car and took off. During the ride she asked the kids if they wanted to discover where the end of ‘disco’ road led to. The next thing they knew they were on an adventure and had forgotten about wanting to go to the movies. There are many ways we can turn uncomfortable situations or potentially negative events into adventures just by changing your attitude.

The trail to transformation is all about mindset and focusing your lens of life on number one. You cannot take care of anyone else: family, clients, etc. without taking care of you. Give yourself a break and join fellow sister on a transformational journey of lifetime with Bigger Picture RT. Two trips open still this year.

Become a lady of the wilds and join me on one of our adventure travel trips to Montana or Alaska. These trips are the ultimate adventure experience to transformation designed especially for the busy woman. They are not designed for the weak at heart or those who might want to shelter themselves from healing and happiness.

Peace be with you this week. Diana

Bigger Picture RT, LLC aims to EMPOWER women through outdoor adventure therapy retreats with Bigger Picture RT, LLC. Reward and transform yourself with a trip of lifetime. YOU DESERVE IT!

If you’re ready to travel the world and make a change in your life. Then join me this year on one of these amazing experiences.

Hiking, touring and rafting in Big Sky, Montana – June 21-26, 2017

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