"I see you get people out of there head and into the present and it is your ability to remove one fear's from the situation and turn it into something fun. I think it's something that comes so naturally to you that you don't even realize that you are such a catalyst in creating a positive experience for someone." Kara

Diana Proemm, Adventuress


When you decide to journey with me, we will dance at sunset, tell silly jokes, and belly laugh. My bigger picture concept strives to inspire, empower, and resonate with every human who has struggled in life. This prompted me to start "The Bigger Picture Adventure Trips" designed for the ladies. There is always a “bigger picture” to be seen when looking through your lens of life.  I am a Certified Therapeutic Recreational Specialist (CTRS) and have experience in the adaptive sports and recreation therapy profession for over fifteen years. I specialize in working with women who struggle from trauma, anxiety, depression and PTSD. 

I am a non-traditionalist who leads life not by the stuff she needs to buy but by the experiences she wants to have. I grew up a city girl from Ohio and ventured west, to be a ski bum for a year in 1995. As the mountain lifestyle suits me well, I spend my days exploring the mountainsides searching for wildflowers, finding single track on my mountain bike. My gluttonous downtime is spent watching the high powered lawyering show Suits, or reading historical fiction. I love living life to the fullest and finding adventure in everything I do.


Diana Proemm, Adventuress

Helping Women - Lean In

I am a Regional Leader for Lean In founded by Sheryl Sandberg called Creative Women Leaders. I believe that every woman should have a voice and choice in society and be treated equally amongst peers. I have worked in a male dominated field for years and have been discounted many times over for being a woman. Women are often overlooked and ignored in today's society and we need to be not just seen but heard and respected. I'm Leaning In for women around the world who are doing the same. Those women seeking choices and wanting to be heard. We are stronger together and look forward to what we can achieve together.

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