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Adaptive Sports

It’s been awhile since my last post. Here are fine examples of what you can do if you choose to take control and own your one and only life!

Bucket Downhill Biking with David “Madman” Poole at Big Sky Resort, Montana

David used a modified mono-ski bucket seat and put it on his mountain bike, then uses the buddy system to keep him up when he slows down. He is working on buying an ebike so he can be 99% independent on the slopes and speed himself up when he needs to instead of using a buddy. He just needs help getting on/off the lift.

Road/Trail Hand Cycling with Liz Ann Kudrna in Bozeman, Montana. Liz Ann is using a road hand cycle so she has complete control with just her hands as she has not use of her legs.

Adaptive skiing with Liz Ann this last winter at Big Sky Resort, Montana

Liz Ann is in a Hand On Concepts (HOC) bi ski that has a shock system and allows her some independence, but also allows the volunteer to control her speed should she lose control. This was first time out this season.


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