*Go from exhausted and stressed to recharged, focused, and clear on this Mastermind Retreat for female coaches and consultants

*Calm your head and heart as you explore the Alaska wilderness

*Take a “vacation” specifically created for professional women and designed to support your specific needs


Alaska, the last great frontier. This is mother nature's masterpiece with wilderness so raw it's still frozen. Imagine yourself walking on an ice field, kayaking in a crystal clear blue glacial lake and flying along side 15,000ft mountains. We will flight see into the Alaska bush and lodge in quaint quarters that look over the glacier valley and peaks. 

Trip Overview and Schedule

Celebrate nature, adventure, and YOU all at once. Forget all your concerns as your body unwinds and all your stress simply disappears. Explore the mountain wilderness with 8 like-minded women and challenge yourself to look deep within to discover all you can be. Alaska’s magical powers will fill you with strength, and invoke confidence to conquer any obstacle in life. Immersed in the light and life of this land this trip will combine adventure and greater peace of mind. Enjoy exploration and fun that cannot be denied by your soul as you fly via a small cessna into the remote bush country of Wrangell St. Elias National Park, the largest national park in the country. Step back into time and into yourself as you explore the former Kennecott Copper Mine and surrounding mountains. 

The BPRT transformational experience is designed especially for women in the coaching and consulting profession. Guided discussions led by Jennifer Dawn mastermind six-figure mastermind coach will include:

  • building and refining your big vision for your life and business so that you can create a clear roadmap to get there
  • learning a proven system for breaking down your vision into manageable goals, planning for achievement, and prioritizing to get the biggest payoff for your time and effort
  • gaining tools to obliterate the self-sabotaging trash talk that goes on in our heads so that nothing can hold you back

It will leave you feeling empowered, fresh for your clients, filled with new ideas and clarity, and ready to take your life to the next level. Journey on a path with other amazing women amongst this rugged terrain and discover new ideas to grow your business. Your smile will remain with you until you arrive home and well beyond after attending this exceptional retreat. 

"Alaska is more than a place for recreation and natural place. It provides inspiration and the opportunity for the hidden spirit of the wilderness to heal the mind, body and soul. " ~Jennifer~

"Diana has helped me discover abilities I never knew I had from the moment I met her she made me feel comfortable and welcome, her smile and positivity are contagious. When you are with Diana be prepared to put your game face on, and to laugh until it hurts.” ~Becky~

"The adventures I have taken with Diana have been extraordinary and challenging while she gave me the encouragement and patience I needed to get through those challenges without judgment. She made me feel safe and gave me a boost of confidence. ” ~Christina~


Day 1: Arrive Anchorage, Alaska, team dinner

Day 2: Kayaking Eklutna Lake

Day 3: Scenic drive to Glennallen and flight see into McCarthy

Stay at the remote Kennicott Lodge

Day 4: Glacier Hiking Exploration

Day 5: Hiking into the mountains of Wrangell St. Elias 

or take a lazy day at the lodge

Day 6: Depart Kennecott fly back to Glennallen and arrive Anchorage

Day 7: Scenic drive from Anchorage to explore Girdword

(hiking and/or visiting a working Gold Mine)

Day 8: Depart Anchorage

What's Included

  • Shared lodging for nights in Springhill Suites (4) and Kennicott Lodge (3)
  • Meals from Dinner Day 1 to Breakfast Day 8
  • All recreational equipment for kayaking and glacier hike
  • Experienced local guides
  • Professional Female guides, with a pschyologist on staff
  • Holistic healing experience
  • Vehicle transport to/from Anchorage airport
  • Air transport from Glenallen to McCarthy
  • Adventure into the true Alaskan wilderness

What's NOT included

  • Flight to/from Anchorage, Alaska
  • Travel Insurance
  • Gratuity for Guide Services

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If you relate to any of these - you not only deserve this trip, but you need it!

  • You drink coffee all day and still tired and exhausted 
  • You're walking around in a state of hypervigilance never letting your guard down in fear of catastrophe
  • You have lost relationships or position/job and are feeling hopeless
  • Mind is taxed allowing disastrous mistakes, have a feeling of failure and are not performing at level you’re capable of.
  • You feel guilty for taking time for yourself

When you join the Alaska Mastermind Adventure For Business Women - You Will:

  • Have all female guides
  • Release from daily stressors to allow peace and clarity of mind
  • Recharge your creativity and inspiration
  • Form connections with like minded ladies
  • Leave no woman behind
  • Receive a healthy dose of adventure and nature bundled into one.


Safety is the number one concern on Bigger Picture Adventures. Please note that safety is not guaranteed in outdoor adventure sports, my staff and vendors will do their best to ensure that your safety is the number one priority. 

Consistent with every participant and staff member on Bigger Picture adventures, we honor and respect every individual, and will handle all sensitive information both verbal and written, including medical histories, diagnoses, with the greatest possible security and confidentiality.