Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

by Diana Proemm

Friends the holidays are coming and that mean the craziness that goes along with it. Shopping centers are busy, parties abound and most importantly family. With so much going on, life can sometimes get out of hand. So many times I have caught myself becoming upset because of small things, especially during the holidays as tasks that should take 10 minutes, take 30. I catch myself  becoming upset and the littlest of things? Suddenly my stress level starts rising and the next thing I know, I am ready to burst – over nothing. Maybe not nothing, but after a break, it seems like nothing.

Traveling has a way of teaching you to not sweat the little things. On my last 6-month adventure, my computer broke, and I lost more clothes than I care to say due to theft, or forgetfulness. When you have a 40 liter sized backpack, you don’t have much stuff, and when you lose a t-shirt or tank top, it becomes a little irritating. When you’re a country away, and you realize that 3 shirts have gone missing… all you can do is think, where is the nearest store? To think anything otherwise, is just ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, there were cuss words that flew out of my mouth, but then I just sat down and said… WTF. Don’t sweat it, you have the opportunity to buy more t-shirts now. crw_3170

This instance is one of many in the many places I have landed myself. Circumstances can be difficult and with the right attitude you can recognize what really matters. I have my health, family and friends and there is not much more I need to keep me happy (OK my mountain bike…).

During this holiday season, when you are overloaded, remind yourself that you am on the river of life and keep going with the flow. Embracing gratitude of the opportunities you have and let go the small stuff to keep you  free as a gypsy.
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