Don’t Think You Think Can, I’ll Bet You $100 You Can

by Diana Proemm

“I don’t think I can do it.” If I had a buck for each I heard a person say to this me in the last 16 years as a recreation therapist, I would be a millionaire or close to it. My profession leads me to work with people who have suffered from severe trauma, cognitive and physical disabilities. I have seen some amazing feats by people who have been stricken by trauma,  a spinal cord injury and beyond. One thing I have learned is that there is no stopping someone from doing an activity they believe they can do.

My mantra became and has become, you tell me what you have to use and we’ll work with that. Once someone realizes they have power over their own body, whether physically or cognitively, something in them changes. They typically go from doubt to discovery to mastery. Let’s explore these three avenues and what they mean.

Self Doubt

When I say “I bet you $100 dollars you can do it,” that means I am willing to lose a $100 because I know in my heart of hearts you can. And you know you can too, sometimes you just little a little guidance. When I say “I know you can do it,” that means I know you can do it and will make sure you succeed. Remember the only thing stopping you is you. For example: I was skiing a couple years ago with some friends and one of the gals wanted to ski “the infamous bowl” at Big Sky Ski Resort. I had been skiing with her all morning and she continually spoke of skiing “the bowl.” Stated she couldn’t do it as she wasn’t quite ready. I had watched her skiing skills all morning and knew she had the talent to do it. I encouraged her that we should ski it, and that today was the day, no thinking about it any longer. I sent her husband and the rest of the skiers down and talked her through skiing down the terrain. When we got to the bottom, she exclaimed that it wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be. Sometimes, we talk ourselves out of doing something we have full capabilities to do, because we don’t give ourselves enough credit. We are our own worst enemy and let self doubt in when there is no need. Believe in yourself the confidence will follow.

My adventure retreats for women may seem like they are extreme, but in reality they are not. They are designed for the beginner outdoor adventurer and beyond. The perceived risk is high, but the actual risk is low. When I say “I know you can do it,” that means I know you can do it and will make sure you succeed. Remember the only thing stopping you is you. Do not let self doubt creep in when there is no need.

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Everyone who has been on a journey with me, whether it was to a foreign land or up a mountainside, come back a with a different attitude on life. I love working with ladies who struggle with self confidence, anxiety and beyond. I cannot explain it, but I recognize signs of self doubt before they know they even have it and eliminate it. When I work with people with physical disabilities or women struggling with anxiety and PTSD, I find what they have to utilize. For example: If someone has lost the use of their legs, but have upper body and arm usage, we find equipment to match their needs and get them out skiing, biking and beyond. The brain is a little more difficult to find adaptive equipment for. The equipment we use will teach you to adapt to your immediate environment and create tools to cope. Every situation is different, but when you gain those resources to move forward, your confidence follows. Discovery of what you can do, becomes what can I not do.

“I see you get people out of there head and into the present and it is your ability to remove one fear’s from the situation and turn it into something fun. I think it’s something that comes so naturally to you that you don’t even realize that you are such a catalyst in creating a positive experience for someone.” Kara


Once you move from self doubt and discovery, then comes mastery. This is where you begin to master your new skills. From re-learning to ski, ride a bike, learn a new recreational activity or use those mental resources to propel you forward, life becomes filled with adventure instead of dread. Looking at life and saying “bring it.” Combine this recipe with other amazing women joining into a special sisterhood, success is the only answer. This is the goal of the 2017 women’s outdoor adventure therapy retreats and well my life. I to have been struggling with major life changes and am putting myself out there and hope you will join me for an adventure of a lifetime. I’ll bet you $100 (coupon code: YOUCAN) you will not come back with a different outlook on life.

See you soon. 🙂


Join me for a Bigger Picture experience that will be your trail to transformational healing. These adventure therapy trips for women will empower you to dive into the most rad terrain you’ll ever come across. You will sign up for a journey with other ladies to join a sisterhood of greatness. The trips are designed to invoke holistic therapeutic processes that may challenge your emotions; but the best part is the group and professional support you’ll receive the whole time. Emotional and physical safety is our number one goal. Learning how to cope amongst others going through similar issues is a good way to move forward. You will leave with a sense of accomplishment.

Bigger Picture creates positive change in the lives of women struggling with anxiety and PTSD through weekend retreats and outdoor adventure. Check out our adventure trips for women here.

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