Embracing Uncertainty

by Diana Proemm

It seems that I am bearing all in these recent blogs in hopes that you will get to know me a little better. Following in my adventurous parent’s footsteps, I left home when I was 23 to be a ski bum for a year. My parents left war tattered Germany in their early 20’s in the late 1950’s for a brighter future to Montreal then on to the USA. It fascinates me that our early lives were similar but yet so different.

The lives they endured while growing up were dramatically different than my upbringing. They had virtually nothing and lived in tiny humble little places in Hanover, Germany to eventually build the beautiful house they built and live in now. I however led a little different life, I was left to want for nothing and grew up in said house.

Much to my mother’s disappointment, I never returned home to stay, only to visit. I think she finally stopped asking me when I was coming home after 10 years of being away. Occasionally, she still asks, she is one of hope. In the last 21 years since I left home, I traveled to 23 countries and have been to almost every continent. I lived all over the western US and found myself on many mountaintops, rivers, and trails in the US and beyond. Believe it or not, I get ahead of myself and think that I should be doing more with my time and life. I get down on myself, that I’m not doing enough. Where do I need to go next rings in my head like a broken record? Boredom strikes me often and it’s hard for me to sit in one place, literally and figuratively.img_8677

Throughout the gypsy years I have been a stranger in every new place I land, and that can be tough. When you live in one place for a long time, you have your local haunts to frequent and put you at ease on a bad day. When you travel and live in different places as much as I have, the certainty of local life is gone. Stability of sedentary life disappears. On one hand constant change and traveling can move you out of your ‘bubble’ or comfort zone and meet new people, on the other it’s nice to be able to meet a familiar face.

Embracing uncertainty is a must when living a wandering gypsy life. When traveling you can encounter so many unknowns such as being robbed, or being dropped off in the middle of road by yourself somewhere in Peru, because you were on the wrong bus. Yes, this happened to me, I understood in my broken Spanish that I was on the wrong bus they quickly expelled me out of the bus and stated that another one would be by shortly to get me. (No phones at that time) While standing in the middle of nowhere surrounded by my bags and emptiness, I immediately thought “Are you kidding me?!!” and sure enough, five minutes later a bus came by, stopped and brought me to my next location. Panic would not have been good thing in that moment. I embraced the uncertainty and believed that it would work out and it did. Thankfully.

2 Ways to embrace uncertainty on a Bigger Picture Adventure

Go with the flow

When you land yourself on one of my fully catered women’s adventure there will be some certainty. You will know what to expect from the moment you arrive until you depart. The thing you need to remember is that the activities and weather will provide some uncertainty that will add to the already amazing adventure. Weather and unknown factors in areas we travel may hinder our plan. Having the ability to turn a set back into success, is what I aim for. Just like in life, you can move towards a plan only to have it backfire at a moments notice. Learning how to embrace that not everything goes as planned is key to living a stress free life.

Relax – We got you covered

img_3898These trips are fully catered to meet your needs. You only need to sign up and get yourself to and from the starting location. From food, lodging to activities, we take care of you. We make you feel safe and my specialty is putting someone at ease and  before they know it they are doing something they never thought they could do.

If you’ll still uncertain about which trip would be right for you, contact me directly. Be certain I will steer in the right direction. 😉

Join me for a Bigger Picture experience that will be your trail to transformational healing. These adventure therapy trips for women will empower you to dive into the most rad terrain you’ll ever come across. You will sign up for a journey with other ladies to join a sisterhood of greatness. The trips are designed to invoke holistic therapeutic processes that may challenge your emotions; but the best part is the group and professional support you’ll receive the whole time. Emotional and physical safety is our number one and learning how to cope amongst others going through similar issues is a good way to move forward. You will leave with a sense of accomplishment.

Bigger Picture creates positive change in the lives of women struggling with anxiety and PTSD through weekend retreats and outdoor adventure. Check out our adventure trips for women here.

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