Focus on Adventure

by Diana Proemm, CTRS

The last couple of weeks have been a tumultuous adventure with big life decisions. (Or least they have felt that way to me!) My roommate and I have to leave our apartment sooner than expected due to a mold issue we found a couple of weeks ago. Rapid decisions of whether to stay in San Antonio or leave have been on the forefront of my mind. Everyone that knows me understands that being in the South and a big city is difficult for me.

I see the Rocky Mountains getting hammered with snow. My friends keep posting pictures of them skiing the blissful cold smoke powder. I have been skiing almost my whole life and this will be my second season away from it. I am grateful I had an opportunity to ski and teach over the holidays so I do not feel like I wasn’t totally deprived.

Thankfully, I have started to make friends within the mountain biking community here in San Antonio. If I cannot ski, then I’m happy to be biking. Hiking, biking and skiing are my source to positive mental health. When I start to become down and sad, I know that I need to venture to the hills to settle my soul and bring back happy.

Last week I had a melt down and could not figure out what to do with my life. I was struggling with making decisions that could be somewhat difficult for me. Tears were flowing out of my eyes daily. After taking an hour hike through the forest, I had developed answers that felt good to me. The tears and anxiety were left in Mother Nature’s good hands.

I have decided to stay in San Antonio for at least another nine months instead of packing up my car and finding a ski resort to settle into for the rest of season. Twenty years ago, that would have been my answer but not this time. This nonsense of adulting is keeping me here for a little longer.

Here are a few things that I used to cope with my stress and anxiety and will prescribe for your next stress

Bangtail Divide Trail, Bozeman, Montana

or anxiety attack.

  1. Exercise

    It take only 21 minutes to calm your jets when running on a treadmill or going for a walk. Take the time to get moving in the right direction so to speak and drop those anxiety levels

  2. Lavender:

    Rub some essential oil on the bottom of your foot, or on your neck. The scent instantly aids in calming those nerves.

  3. Breath and Stop the Drama Thoughts

    Our mind has the ability to get the better of us on occasion. It’s our job to bring it back to reality. Check out my article here on more tips on how to eddie out or take a break. Give your thoughts a reality check.

  4. Forest Bath

    Shinrin-yoku Forest Therapy is the medicine of being in the forest. It is scientifically proven that placing yourself in the forest with Mother Nature lowers stress, blood pressure, and improves your mood. It basically give you an overall sense of happiness.

I know it’s not the end of the world to have to stay here longer, and will think of it as an ADVENTURE! Your job now, is to COME VISIT while I’m here. There are some gems here in San Antonio and the not so far Austin. I will appreciate friends dropping in anytime so start planning your trip!

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