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New Adventures Coming Right Up!

by Diana Proemm, CTRS

As we move into the summer, I look forward to some beach and pool time. I, also, look forward to adventurous outings with friends and exploring new places. As I recently had surgery, I have to find activities that take me off my bike. This is a difficult thing for me as riding my bike is my mental health prescription to keep me grounded and sane. Hiking does the same thing and will be back to that very soon.

I look forward to leading ladies into the red rock desert this fall. I have opened a trip to Moab, Utah this fall. Spending a few days exploring, and canyoneering into towering canyons makes my heart sing. Moab holds a special place in my heart as it’s magical. I have traveled the world and still this red rock desert holds my soul.

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There is nothing like venturing into a canyon with 100+ foot walls looming above you, making you and everything in your life feel small. It has the power to humble you, but cradle you into it’s depths. Just when you think it can’t get taller or bigger, it does. Then you walk onto an overlook and all you can see is immense amounts of red rock as far as the eye can see. Again, that feeling of being humbled stumbles back upon you.

Every time I arrive in Moab, I come with heavy shoulders, and leave feeling light as a feather. Join me this fall to lighten your soul with the canyons of the desert. The date is September 24th -28th for a few days of desert bliss.

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Celebrate nature, adventure, and YOU all at once. Forget all your concerns as your body unwinds and all your stress simply disappears. Explore the desert wilderness with 8 like-minded women and challenge yourself to look deep within to discover all you can be. The deserts magical powers will fill you with strength, and invoke confidence to conquer any obstacle in life. Immersed in the light and life of this land this trip will combine adventure and greater peace of mind. Enjoy exploration and fun that cannot be denied by your soul as you venture into the red rock canyons and Arches National Park.

Peace be with you this week. Diana

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