Rock Climbing Enchanted Rock


Introduction to Rock Climbing

Ladies, let’s get you onto some rock! This is your chance to try out this sport in a safe manner with other lovely women.



An introduction to rock climbing for anyone who wants to experience a safe adventure in the vertical realm. In this class, we emphasize safety skills, basic climbing technique, teamwork, trust, communication, and having a great time in a beautiful setting.

Most people will climb 6-8 climbs in this first session (Allow for at least 4-5 hours for your climbing day, sometimes more 5-6 for Enchanted Rock). So you’re not just learning the basics of safety your getting on the rock and giving it your all. This is a great idea for families, friends, partners, and, well, whoever to have a great time together and learn to trust and encourage each other. AMGA certified climbers who will provide all the gear and such that you will need.

Rock Climbing has a lot of perceived risk, but actual risk is low. Join me for a fun day out at Enchanted trying your hand at rock climbing.

**There is a fee to enter the State Park, so carpooling would be recommended – ideally with someone who has a pass! Otherwise it’s $7/person.


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