Therapeutic Recreation/Recreation Therapy (TR/RT)

Diana and Bigger Picture RT provides high quality one on one recreation therapy consultation services for people with disabilities to help clients re-discover their independence and passion for life. TR/RT supports mental and physical health through organic therapeutic processes that take place with the nature of relaxation to allow you to lose inhibitions and enjoy the time spent with peers. Program sessions alleviate symptoms and enhance mental and physical health promotion. Leisure education guides in reduction health risk factors and guided participatory experiences which address mental health and quality of life. There are many articles and research that suggest physical activity, exercise fitness, basic body movement, and mindfulness activities such and relaxation techniques and yoga generate positive mental health. You’ll see improvements in long term health, mental health and well-being along with higher self confidence, self esteem, and life satisfaction.

Therapeutic Recreation

A recreational therapist utilizes a wide range of activity and community based interventions and techniques to improve the physical, cognitive, emotional, social, and leisure needs of their clients. Recreational therapists assist clients to develop skills, knowledge, and behaviors for daily living and community involvement. The therapist works with the client and their family to incorporate specific interests and community resources into therapy to achieve optimal outcomes that transfer to their real life situation.

Adaptive Sports

Adapted sports are recreational or competitive sports for individuals with disabilities. Adaptive sports often parallel existing sports played by able-bodied athletes, if necessary some modifications to the equipment and rules are instilled to meet the needs of the participants. These services are typically designed for people with spinal cord injuries or amputations. We help people achieve transformation through adventure experiences.



“After all the adventures we’ve been on, I consider Diana a true friend and have full confidence in her ability to take of business when things get hairy in the backcountry. Countless times, she has dug me out of the powder and pushed me over boulders, all while taking compellingly beautiful photos of me doing what I love. She is obviously very talented and has a huge caring heart full of a deep sense for adventure.”


We will forever be grateful for the role Diana played in getting our son, Skylehr to try and become successful at activities we thought he could only dream of. She not only opened his horizons, but ours as well. We never thought of him being able to be so adventurous!! With Diana’s encouragement he is still “doing it!” Peggy 


I met Diana through Eagle Mount Bozeman. She was the one who helped me reach my true potential because she believed in me. As an adaptive athlete she gave me the confidence and strength to push myself to go places no other adaptive athlete has gone. Thanks Diana.