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Vacation Brain

by Diana Proemm, CTRS

How does vacation aid in your mental and physical well being? Who doesn’t dream of packing a suitcase or backpack and hoping on a plane? If you are like me, I dream of it everyday. I fantasize about where I’m going to go next and what activities I can do there. WANDERLUST, I believe is what they call it. I am constantly thinking about the next journey.

Being that I have been somewhat forced to take some downtime in my life, I have been able to tackle the stack of receipts waiting to be entered and whatever nonsense paperwork that needs to be done for my life and business. When you can’t ride your bike, it’s a good time to catch up on these mandatory task list items. They happily get pushed aside when the weather is good and there is a trail waiting for me.

When I return from even just a weekend trip, my whole body is refreshed and grounded. Tackling the world does not seem like such a chore anymore.

Most people that have known me my whole life always ask; “Where are you and what are you up to now?” I laugh sometimes to myself because I feel like I now have a reputation to uphold as the crazy adventurer that no one can keep track of. I secretly love keeping people on their toes I guess! Mostly I love the thrill of landing myself in a new place and exploring all it’s inner offerings. I, also, know that it’s good for my mental and physical health. When I return from even just a weekend trip, my whole body is refreshed and grounded. Tackling the world does not seem like such a chore anymore.

Going on a mini or long vacation resets your system. It’s like putting your phone on the charger for the night. It feels rested, charged and ready for the day’s activities in the morning. Escapes from your current reality allow you to give your identity a little slip. You can be you. Walk around with no make up, autonomous, basically barefoot and fancy free.

Typically, when I take a break from the normal daily routine and stressors – even though I sometimes feel like I can’t leave – that is the time to take a break. Sometimes, taking a step back even just for a long day in the woods or beach aid in giving you clarity on your life and work projects. For me, it’s charges me, gives me a clear head, and about 90% of the time I come back with fresh ideas to move forward with.

Some health benefits of travel include reduced stress levels, heart disease, risk of depression and anxiety, and can improve relationships.

Pledge now to give yourself a break sooner than later. I HEREBY PLEDGE:

  • Let any unused vacation time go to waste
  • Take at least 1 vacation and 1 weekend trip a year
  • Shut off my digital devices for at least half a day a week
  • Spend a minimum of 30 minutes caring for myself by spending time in nature or exercising at least 4 times a week.

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Peace be with you this week. Diana

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