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What SUP

by Diana Proemm, CTRS

This last weekend I had the opportunity to Stand Up Paddle (SUP) with some amazing ladies. It was brought to my attention that women are craving some outdoor camaraderie here in South Texas. Luckily for me, I am happy to oblige. This is the first of many outings to come!

There was no woman left sitting at the end of this session. Highlights of the day included the main instructor (yours truly) demonstrating how to fall off your board into the water within the first few minutes. Ladies slowly standing on their boards, and gained confidence.

There were a few ladies that were timid at first and slightly unsure of themselves. With the help of myself and others, everyone was standing and paddling. All ladies excelled rapidly and by the end everyone was styling out their paddling abilities.

The future trips with BPRT will present the exact no woman left behind mentality where I want everyone to be successful. Each activity is designed to empower your skills and leave you ready to tackle the world.

It’s hard to be a woman today, especially a successful professional woman. We’ve made progress – tremendous progress if you ask our grandmothers – but we still have to work harder, be error-free, and put up with more criticism than the men we work with. We are told everyday how to look, how to act, how to behave, what’s attractive and what’s too far. Is it any wonder so many of us keep silent screams bottled up inside? We deserve an outlet, a safe space to let all the control go. We need time to be our best selves…powerful…wild…free. We need time to celebrate our successes, lay down the stress, and renew ourselves. And what better place to do it than surrounded by women who feel exactly the same way, in a beautiful place?

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May the Forest be with you this week! Diana

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